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Meet our Members – EJ’s Simon Bottomley

EJ is the global leader in design and manufacture of access solutions for sewer, stormwater, electricity, telecommunications, gas, water and lighting to support the world’s growing infrastructure. Fueled by innovation, EJ’s processes continue to evolve – creating solutions that provide an unparalleled customer experience.

How does your organisation support AHSCA QLD members?

EJ staff regularly attend the AHSCA QLD meetings and present once a year on new product updates and the relevant Standards. EJ is always ready to help with AHSCA sponsorship and was proud to be a partner for the 40-year celebrations. EJ also meets with the members to provide new catalogues, inhouse training and professional advice on the correct product selection for specific projects.

What trends do you see across the design, specification and inspection of hydraulic, plumbing and fire protection systems?

We see a trend towards ensuring more compliance of the products being specified and installed. The new Australian Standards AS3996:2019 is a relatively new upgrade and it has a much stricter design and testing requirements. EJ has invested in a new 100 tonne load testing machine, NATA authorisation & FEA software. Testing to the new Standard has required significant pattern costs to upgrade products across our range.

What is the best project you have supported?

This is very hard to narrow down as there has been so many great projects; from Brisbane’s Southbank Parklands to the Sydney 2000 Olympics & Sydney Opera House; to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. One of the best projects for EJ in the Asia Pacific region was the Port of Brisbane & Port of Townsville upgrades where we worked with consultants on access covers & grates for the extra heavy Class G (900kN) ratings and launched the new Hinged Hatch product (for quicker & easier access) from our USA foundry.

How did you become part of the industry?

EJ is a 5th generation family business, founded in 1883 in Northern Michigan, USA. The foundry was first established to manufacture parts for the timber cutting industry and then advanced to the production of street castings. We now specialise in manhole covers, grates, hydrants and valves.

The Australian region was an established family business, HaveStock, founded in 1985. My parents, Tim and Irene Bottomley managed the business in Northgate, Brisbane. I grew up helping Dad in the factory during the school holidays; this experience taught me the value of a hard day’s work. After graduating from university, I worked in the sales and marketing, with the focus on engaging with customers to help grow the business.

In 2000 HaveStock was acquired by Selwyn Davis of Everhard and in 2010, HaveStock was subsequently acquired by EJ and became the Asia Pacific (AP) region. In this time, I have had the role as Regional Director and General Manager. Our headquarters and main assembly works for the AP region, are at Brendale; EJ also has factories in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

What excites you about the future of our industry?

As an entrepreneurial family-owned company, we have a long, successful heritage of meeting change with innovation and this is exciting to know that we can keep up with providing useful and long lasting products that help societies operate. I love seeing our products in the footpaths and streets of the various towns and cities around Australia. It is amazing how many are out there in all   types of settings.

What is the one thing that AHSCA members need to know about your organisation, products and services?

We are 140 years old and this test of time proves we do the right things, invest in our capabilities & people, make durable products and we stand behind our brand. We have a long history of fostering strong customer relationships and we go over and above to provide customers with the products required for successful projects.

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