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AHSCA Queensland History

Thanks to Paul Funnell and Chris Bristow for the following information.

In early 1981, Chris Bristow was approached by Frank Linder of the MPAQ who requested a meeting.

Chris was a Director of Bristow Funnell & Partners, so Chris asked Paul Funnell to attend the meeting with him.

The meeting took place at Fitzy’s Hotel in Loganholme.

The outcome was that the MPAQ wanted the consultants to have their own association to strengthen the industry representation.

At the time, the Institute of Plumbing was a major organisation as was the TAFE Teachers.

With the consultants having their own association it was seen as completing industry’s representation.

Chris agreed to speak with Wally Kane and Ross Kell

Chris and Margaret Bristow were the driving force, with David Saunders heading up the constitution.

The NSW model was followed, and it took two years of meetings and long discussions before the AHSCA Qld, was constituted.

It was November / December 1983 when the official dinner took place at the Greek Club. Bristow, FunnelI and Partners sponsored the first guest speaker, Mr Jock Elliot, who went on to win the World Championship for Public Speaking.

Starting members:

  • Paul Funnell
  • Chris Bristow
  • Wally Cane
  • Brian Burnett
  • Ross Kell
  • Tom Cooper

Followed soon after by:

  • Dave Saunders
  • Gunther Stienacher
  • Alex Semple
  • Grizzly (Neil) Blair