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About Our Meetings

General meetings are held for the membership of the AHSCA Queensland Chapter on a regular basis.

When & Where are Meetings Held

In a given year, the AHSCA Queensland Chapter hosts six General Members Meetings every second month during the year.

One of the meetings (held in June) is a closed meeting for consultant members only. During the November meeting, the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting is held.

The Management Committee sets the meeting dates a year in advance and they are usually held on a Tuesday evening commencing at 5.45pm for a 6.00pm start. Meetings are generally programmed to finish around 8.00pm.

Meetings are generally held at a central location. The current venue for our meetings is McGuires Colmslie Hotel in Morningside.

Who Attends

With the exception of closed meetings, our meetings are attended by all members of the chapter including:

  • Consultant Members and Associate and Student members
  • Affiliate Member Representatives
  • Corporate Members
  • Teacher and Honorary Members
  • Invited Guests and Allied Industry Colleagues
  • Guest Speakers
  • Invited Guests
  • Plumbing Association Representatives

AHSCA welcomes guests on a regular basis from the plumbing and other relevant industries who may wish to become involved with the AHSCA as a member or those interested in our industry. Invitations may be arranged via Secretariat.

The Format

AHSCA meetings are generally held in a consistent format that has been found to be successful but from time to time may alter to accommodate the needs of various speakers or presenters.

At each meeting, our sponsors for the evening are given the opportunity to present their products, new innovations or the like to all the membership where they have the floor for a presentation plus a Q&A session.

Meetings regularly include guest speakers that may give a presentation to the membership on a variety of topics that are of interest and importance to the plumbing industry and our membership.

A small part of the meeting is dedicated to a general meeting where the President chairs a proper meeting advising members of AHSCA business, financials, education, website and the like at which time members have opportunity to raise issues for general discussion.

During the meeting, attendees are provided with a two course meal that gives the various groups opportunity to network and discuss matters.

The agenda or format of the meeting would commonly comprise the following:

  • Member and Guest Networking
  • Meeting start and welcome by President
  • Apologies and Introduction of Speakers
  • Sponsor Presentation
  • Guest Presenter
  • Members Meeting and General Business
  • Formal Meeting Close

If you are interested in attending one of our informative meetings please contact the Chapter Secretariat to arrange an invitation as a guest.

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