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23 May 2024 Networking Night

Insurance presentation:


16 April 2024 – Networking Night

Plumbing Requirements vs Soil Conditions – AW Geotechnics

AHSCA Qld April 2023 Webinar

Discovering Inground Pump Stations – Saniflo

Article by AHSCA Life Member Paul Funnell OAM

AHSCA Qld Life Member, Paul Funnell OAM has written the attached article “Passion for Consulting” View the Article HERE

Presentation to 29 March 2023 Members Meeting

OzFlow Presentation
Presentation by Nick Soden – Hydraulic Design in NSW – what accreditation do I need, what services require sign off and how do I get accreditation

Presentation to July 2022 Members Meeting

BCC Presentation
BCC Plumbing Fees
Rehau Presentation

Presentation to June 2022 Consultants Only Members Meeting

Wilo Presentation
MPAQ Update

Presentation to May 2022 Members Meeting

Kembla “Proper Copper”
Grundfos “High Rise Pumping”

Urban Utilities Metering Guidelines April 2022

Download HERE

Webinar – 10 November 2021

Webinar – 27 July 2021

Webinar – 22 June 2021

Webinar – 2 June 2021

AHSCA Qld/HCAA Legislation Changes Webinar

Webinar – 30 March 2021

  • Urban Utilities Presentation – view HERE
  • MM Kembla Presentation – view HERE

Webinar – 5 November 2020

  • All Valve Industries Presentation – view HERE

AHSCA Research Foundation Update

The AHSCA Research Foundation has recently completed hydraulic performance certification for a number of new grate products, and these have been added to the AHSCA Certified Products list on the AHSCA Research Foundation website (https://www.ahscaresearch.com.au/certified-products/).

The latest AHSCA Certified Product additions are from:

Paige Stainless (https://www.paigestainless.com.au/)
1. Slot Grate
2. 100 Series Heelguard Grate
3. 200 Series Heelguard Grate
4. Shower Grate

RCPA (https://www.rcpa.com.au/)
1. SLIMDRAIN Linear Grated Drainage
2. YETI SLIMDRAIN Linear Grated Drainage

Webinar 6 October 2020

  • Kembla Presentation – view HERE
  • View the Webinar HERE

AHSCA Research Foundation Update

Latest report from the AHSCA Research Foundation on Box Gutter Design Using General Methods of AS/NZ3500.3:2018: Minimum Design Flowrates and Gutter Depths. View the report HERE

Tank Overflow Discussion Paper

Unfortunately, there have been a number of people claiming to be consultants and experts that have been using the calculations for tank overflow (8.4.4 of AS/NZS 3500.1:2018) for roof gutter calculations and sizing. That method is not accepted by the AHSCA Research Foundation for the reasons set out in this report. View the report HERE

Webinar 21 July 2020

  • Sanifo Presentation – view HERE
  • QFRS Presentation – View HERE
  • QFRS Member Question Summary – View HERE
  • View the Webinar HERE

Webinar 30 June 2020

  • BION Systems – “Water Distribution Health After COVID” HERE
  • Viega – Geopress K (presented at AHSCA Webinar) Read HERE
  • ABCB Advisory Note – Post CIVID-19 Restrictions – Read HERE
  • View the Webinar HERE

Webinar 2 June 2020

  • View the Webinar HERE


Performanced Based Roof Drainage Solutions (by David Mitmannsgruber) – Read HERE

AHSCA New Zealand Chapter Established (by Chris Tritton) – Read HERE