Chris Tritton
Chris Tritton commenced as a Senior Hydraulic Services Consultant with Aqualogical in 2021. Chris has over 45 years of experience in this profession with previous positions as a Director and Senior Associate of specialist Hydraulic Consultancies and Multi-Discipline Engineering Practices. Chris has been on the executive committee of the Queensland Chapter for over 25 years, including 10 years as President. Chris is also a Director of the AHSCA Research Foundation, the National Body of the AHSCA, involved in numerous research projects that provide benefits to our members, their clients as well as the overall construction industry. Chris’s believes that Hydraulic Services consulting is just one facet of the plumbing industry and in that regard it is important to maintain strong professional relationships with associated industry organisations. Through these affiliations we can have a communal approach when it comes to our dealings with all levels of Government ensuring that the plumbing industry as a whole is the beneficiary.
Ken Crase
Vice President
Ken Crase joined Aqualogical as a Senior Hydraulic Services Designer in 2010. Ken’s professional career commenced from a junior draughtsman traineeship, and progressed through draughtsman, Hydraulic Designer to his current position as a Senior Hydraulic Services Designer. With over forty year’s experience in the plumbing construction industry, Ken has gained a widespread knowledge working in multi-story residential, commercial, retail, and industrial buildings. His project experience is truly extensive and embraces every market sector for the full range of hydraulic services. Some highlight projects include Suncorp Metway Plaza, 167 Eagle Street (Brisbane), Marsden and Ascot Shopping Centres and The Brisbane Markets. Ken has been a long serving member on the AHSCA QLD Executive Management as 1st Vice President (Technical). Ken brings a wealth of hands-on site experience to Aqualogical, which translates into his cost-effective design solutions for a client’s project design team.
David Mitmannsgruber
Committee Member
David Mitmannsgruber is a Senior Associate at Interior Engineering with over 17 years experience in the plumbing. David has extensive experience stemming from a largely trade based background. This experience combined with ongoing studies in the Hydraulic and Fire Engineering fields allows an excellent insight into Hydraulic and Fire Services. He has been a long serving member on the AHSCA QLD chapter committee and iIn 2012 and 2017, he was a finalist for the Plumbing and Gas Industry Awards for the AHSCA Qld Hydraulic Consultant of the Year Award.
Bruce Dan
Bruce holds a Masters of Science majoring in Fire & Risk Engineering and a Diploma in Engineering majoring in Construction Hydraulics. For 25 years he has practiced as a consulting engineer, seven years as a hydraulic services designer and 19 years as a fire and risk engineer Prior to his engineering career Bruce was a licensed plumber, gasfitter and fire sprinkler fitter. The majority of his trade work was mechanical services plumbing installing water, fuel gas systems, chilled and condenser HVAC systems and as a fire sprinkler fitter. In 2000 Bruce established Australian Fire Services Testing (AFST) because he saw problems in the fire industry where designers could not source appropriate water supply main network modelling for the engineering of wet fire systems. A natural progression for AFST was to commission and certify fire systems installed by plumbing / fire contractors. AFST was the first fire system certification practice offer plumbing contractor’s fire hydrant system boosting with a brigade pump appliance which then enabled AFST to fully certify the fire system installed by the contractor. Bruce is currently the managing director of AFST. Bruce has been a member of the AHSCA since 1996 and held management committee positions since 1999.
Craig Richardson
Committee Member
Craig Richardson is a director at Performance Construction Hydraulics. He has over 25 years knowledge and experience in hydraulics; as a licensed Plumber, Plumbing Inspector and Hydraulic Designer. Craig’s time in the different aspects of the industry, has assisted in a more thorough understanding and appreciation for need for cooperation in the field. In his role at PCH, Craig aims to provide with due diligence, cost effective, practical solutions for his clients to satisfy design challenges.
Adrian Zirps
Kristy Preston
Committee Member
Kristy Preston is the Design Manager for East Coast Hydraulics with proven experience in Engineering Design and Project Management in the Hydraulic Services Engineering Field. With circa 15 years’ experience in the industry, working in array of different roles on projects of diverse scale, complexity and location. Kristy appreciates the perspectives of all stakeholders and is committed to building and supporting a sustainable industry.
Lorelei Broadbent
Lorelei Broadbent is a specialist provider of Association Management services and has spent her entire career working with over 100 Associations to improve all aspects of their administration, management and events. She has an Associate Diploma of Business (Management) and a Certificate in Association Management. She is the co-founder and Director of Agenda Management.